New Age Design Studio

2016 - 2020

a tableau inspired by 
            the Four Seasons painting cycles showing a scene with a silvery fish on a platter next to a gemstone terrazzo vase with an avant
            garde flower arrangement

New Age Design Studio was founded by Sasha Burchuk in 2016. The work produced in the studio was heavily influenced by her unconventional upbringing in various New Age cults in the 1980s and 1990s, and her desire to explore and unpack the materialistic tendancy of various spritual belief systems. Aesthetically, the studio focused on novel materials with peregrine ancient histories, using them to create contemporary 'sacred objects'. New Age Design Studio is best known for creating and working with Gemstone Terrazzo. For a more complete visual archive of work, visit Instagram.

Find remaining pieces on 1stDibs or email to inquire about inventory or anything else.

Photo by Nadav Benjamin. Styled by Sarah Kue.

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