Special Projects

Being invited to collaborate with other designers and artists is truly an honor. Because of our empathy-driven approach we have worked on projects in many different areas of design. From web development to furniture, we are always eager to contribute.

In 2018, Scott from Base Modern invited Sasha from New Age to collaborate on the Projection Table under the banner of a new studio the two formed together called Body Double. The Projection Table was designed by Scott Cummings and was one of the first pieces of furniture to incorporate Gemstone Terrazzo. The Projection Table has been exhibited internationally at IDS Vancouver and locally at Show PDX, and was featured in Design Milk as well as several Canadian design blogs.

Body Double continues to be a vehicle for collaboration between Base Modern and New Age Design and welcomes contributions and ideas from other studios and artist. The joint venture is rooted in a social justice model of donating a percentage of profits to charities and progressive causes.